Monday, 17 January 2011

Blue Monday - Just a Walk in the Park.....

Blue Monday today! The third Monday in January has been dubbed  'the most depressing day of the year'. The mornings are dark, the daylight hours few, the weather is dull and cold and the bills are in and it's still a long time till pay day. 

Well the best way to counter all this is to do something fun and joyful that will lift the spirits! But I have no money I hear you cry! There are many things you can do that will lift  the spirits and not cost anything, or very little!!

1.Smile at people! We all know smiling is infectious and it will make you feel so much better too!

2.Do something kind for someone - make them a cup of tea, hold the lift for someone, give up your seat - small actions can have big reactions!


3. Plan an outing at the weekend to an open space near you. Even the planning will make you feel better. Pack up a lunch and plenty to drink and head for the hills! 

4.Plan an outing to a museum or place of interest that is free - Try the website DoStuffFree to find local attractions in your area.

5.Go to your local library or arts centre to find out about any talks or events that are happening in your area.

6.Some local tourist attractions may have special deals for locals. For example Exeter Underground Passages are offering half price entry for residents until January 24th.

7. Join the library if you are not already a member, and borrow a book or DVD for those dark evenings. Or find a book of local walks and explore your area.

8. Pamper yourself - get some ideas from Luxuries for Less

9. Email or phone a friend that you have been meaning to get in touch with and make some arrangement to meet up - may be for a walk in the park!

10. Do an overdue chore - sew on that button, tidy up a cupboard, get cash for your old mobile phone. It might not seem exciting but you will feel so much better when it's done. Go on - you know it makes sense!

Whatever you choose to do, enjoy!

If you have any ideas for dispelling the winter blues, we would love to hear from you. Comment below or email

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