Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Eco Balls - Just a load of old Green Wash?


Eco Balls - not a green way to be rude but a product to do your laundry. I am trying them out for all my washing this month to see if I will make a permanent switch to using them all the time.

What are they?
They are tennis sized plastic balls with lots of smaller balls inside them. They have a ring of foam around them which give them a sort of flying saucer look. You just put one in with your washing - and do your normal wash. They work in a similar way to detergent, in that the little balls break down the water so it cleans the laundry.

They are eco as in 'green' as they can be re-used six months to a year. There are no nasty chemicals going into your clothes or into the rivers. It also means you can miss out the rinse cycle on your washing machine, saving electricity.

They are also eco as in 'economic' as they will save you £££s in washing detergent. Prices are very variable but the ones I am using cost only £2.50.

Are they any good?
So far I have tried them once and I am happy with the initial results. I will try a few more washes before I give any final verdict.There are plenty of reports on the web about using ecoballs, and on the whole, they are satisfactory. The general report seems to be that they are great for everyday washing, but perhaps not so great on some stains.  Prewash stain remover may be a good solution to that.I will report in with an update in a couple of weeks.

What do you think?
I would however, like to know what you think. If anyone out there has used eco balls, please let us know your experience of them and which ones you used. 

Any tips for making the most of them, would also be welcome.


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