Thursday, 27 January 2011

Life's a Breeze!?

Are you suffering from draughts through your windows and sometimes feel that you are sitting in a breeze even though you are indoors? The ideal solution is obviously new windows or double glazing but that is the expensive solution!

A very low cost help to cutting out draughts is to use cling film to cover the inside of the window. It isn't the prettiest of solutions but it really does work. And if your previous solution has been closing the curtains in the day - at least this lets in the light and you can still see out of the window even if it is a little fuzzy.

Every winter I put cling film up at the window to make our room more cosy and cut the heating bills. It's now a sign of Spring when the cling film comes down.

If you have successfully used cling film to cut out the draughts - do send in your comments - and photos - and if you are trying it for the first time. Perhaps you have another way of keeping out the breeze.

Do share you energy saving tips by commenting below or email


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