Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Money Matters Action

When Emma went to the Unltd awards last week she expected she would meet some inspirational people. However she was bowled over by Aaienna Azia, one of three debt advisers who have recently been made redundant by Birmingham City Council and who have set up their own debt advice agency, called Money Matters Action, as a Social Enterprise

Leigh Findlay, Aaienna Azia and Lynn Grattidge have decades of experience giving debt advice, and being fully aware of the huge need for their services, they set up the not for profit organisation with the help of a grant from Unltd.

When people are struggling with debt they need good advice and an empathetic ear. Money Matters Action also provide education and workshops in schools and community venues, which judging by the testimonials on the website, have been great fun too. They have recently been the subject of an article in the Birmingham Post


Aaiena (standing) with her colleague Leigh Findlay

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