Monday, 24 January 2011

What Money Can't Buy......


When you are feeling low about what you can't afford, take a moment to look around at what you have that money can't buy. I guess it's a bit like counting your blessings, but I recently had a real lesson in learning to appreciate the things you can't put a price on.

My parents, whilst away on holiday, have had a bust water tank that has caused damage to carpets, furniture and walls. Carpets have all been lifted and the house is cold and damp. I have been packing up and moving things to safety. I gave priority to the things that are precious and in most cases - irreplaceable - but probably worthless in terms of insurance.

An incident like this certainly make you focus on what is important - and it isn't the things that you will be able to replace by going shopping. Retail therapy would lose all meaning if these were lost.


My parents have many old letters, documents and photographs. In fact I have been planning a visit to go through them all with my mother and catalogue them all, both for me and for generations to come. How tragic then if these had been lost - far more tragic than losing some furniture and carpets.

Happily all these have been rescued, partly because they are what we dived in (excuse the pun!) to save as soon as we saw the problem.  The pictures are not only about the people, but about the clothes, cars and environment of the time.

So next time you re annoyed about what you can't have, think of the things you have that mean more to you than anything money could ever buy. 


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