Thursday, 10 February 2011

Don't splash the cash - borrow what you need

Cutting back whilst still doing all the things we would like to, isn't easy - as most of the things we'd like to do require stuff to do them - and this costs money. But only 10% of the things we buy get used more than once a month - and that means there's a lot of stuff, lying around doing nothing. A new online website can help you gain access to all this stuff, that's just beyond your doorstep. It can help you to follow your dreams, pursue your interests or get the boring jobs done - simply by borrowing household items instead of purchasing new ones. enables individuals to lend or borrow those everyday objects that so often gather dust in cellars, sheds and lofts with your neighbours. From lawnmowers to tents, golf clubs to awnings, Ecomodo lets you list your items to lend and see what others have on offer. Items can be lent for free or as a lender you are able to charge for an item, and choose if you want to keep the fee or make a donation to charity.

Lend objects, spaces or even your skills - make some cash and reduce your outgoings without having to give stuff up.

Some recent borrowing and lending:

Byron in Edinburgh borrowed a cordless drill and bits from Jeremy for free. Byron has fixed his shelves without having to fork out £50 for a new drill just for the one job.

Jayne in London borrowed Vicky's iPad for a week to continue with her college work whilst her laptop was in for repair. From the lend Vicky raised £21.16 for a favourite charity The Princes Trust.

Jon lent out his Petrol Hedge strimmer just for the weekend to a neighbour earning £24. And for his holiday David from Reading borrowed 2 Kayaks in Guernsey earning Andre £12 from his stuff that would otherwise not have been used.

To buy these items it would have cost the borrowers well over £1000 and though the lenders haven't earned huge amounts from their stuff it only took a few minutes work. And with a recent survey by Gumtree showing that Britain is a nation of hoarders with households sitting on £31 billion of goods they never use (an average of £581 per person) isn't it time you put your stuff to work?

But if you're concerned about lending your stuff, Ecomodo has some clever features that will make you more comfortable to share. Individuals can set up lending circles around any type of community (your street, neighbourhood, school, workplace, community group or club) and invite people to join and pool their assets. People can then use their circles to automatically control who can borrow their gear and choose to take a deposit or insurance for extra peace of mind. And just like Ebay, a feedback rating system checks that both parties are happy at the end of a lend.

So whether you're renovating a house; having a party; going on holiday; hosting visitors; gardening; learning something new or even trying something before you buy; Ecomodo can help you save money and help you feel good about helping others in your neighbourhood.

To join the marketplace of good returns, go to Explore items to borrow. Find out more about lending and borrowing.

We would love to hear your stories of borrowing stuff through ecomodo or other sharing schemes. Please use the comments box or email

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