Wednesday, 9 February 2011


If we've been quiet, it's because we've been busy... loading all our content to the Information Service. And now of course, it's a job that's never done because we'll be adding an original resource every month. Not bad for a subscription fee of £30 a year! So what's in there? At the moment four reports and another to published early next week, including:


Two Mystery Shops on the OFT's CCA licence Search, giving the low down on the best and worst in debt counselling compliance

an overview of our digital media campaigns for the European Year of Combating Poverty and Social Inclusion across the East Midlands

and ground breaking new findings in our report comparing debtors' and savers' views of borrowing and lending.


At the moment, we are committed to bringing you something new every month, although it looks likely that we shall exceed this target soon. It's simple really, the more organisations that subscribe to the Information Service, the more we can do. Along side the significant savings of subscription, other benefits are:


the opportunity to shape our work programme

the right to attend Cooperative General meetings

a 5% discount on bespoke commissions

and even more money saving potential, through collective commissioning for those with similar project needs


You can trust Zero-credit to think of a #creditfree way to do business!  Please e-mail: for your free trial.

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