Sunday, 20 February 2011

Making Cakes whilst the Roast Cooks! #SundaySavers

Using the oven to the maximum is an ideal way to make the most of its heat. Kate Ellis  - @JammyorWhat on Twitter - makes cakes while she does her Sunday roast. She made three last Sunday, and because the oven was already on, she saved the cost of heating the oven to bake them separately at a different time.

Baking is becoming more popular at the moment, because it's homely and economical and tastes good! And you know what has gone into a home baked product.

So today's #SundaySaver is to bake a cake, bisuits, scones or what ever you fancy in with your roast. Kate trades her cakes in her community for other produce - but more about that in a future blog on community.

In the meantime, do tell us about your #SundaySavers.


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