Thursday, 24 February 2011

Meet the Third Thursday Club


The Third Thursday Club

Exchanging produce and skills comes as second nature to the Third Thursday Club and are an example of how people can benefit from one another's skills in a simple way.

For example:-

Those with greenhouses grew extra produce and gave it to others

Those with horses provide "fertiliser" for veg growing.

Veg that was large & not particularly tasty given to those with goats in need of veg.

Wind fallen apples or fruit too small to use given to those with horses, goats, pigs, and the local Rabbit Rescue

Rabbit Rescue received preserves made from the fruit. Rabbit Rescue sold some preserves & received a percentage of the profit from them - giving some profit back to those who had made the preserves.

One of the Members makes cakes for others too busy to do so for a cash sum.

Jason the pony who donates his 'fertilizer'

How marvellous is that!! So simple yet we could all do something similar, exchanging our skills and resources whatever they may be. And they have a fun time together too.

The group got together in 2009 and area a 'spin-off' from the local WI. Some of them decided they wanted something a bit different from what the WI offered. There are 12 Members with ages ranging from 20s to 50s.

You can follow one of the members on Twitter @JammyorWhat.

Do you have a community group or skills exchange? We would love to hear about it as it gives inspiration to others.


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