Monday, 14 February 2011

Not Valentine's Day - but Vivacious Day

By Kloe Wood
This Feb 14th forget the heart-ache, pressure and stress of Valentines day ...there's a new celebration in store ...Vivacious Day!!!
Vivacious day to all a celebration of life and being alive!!

Go out and do something you really enjoy, something which makes you feel full of life!!  Whether it be taking time out to listen to your favorite piece of music,  going on a walk you particularly like, spending time with people you love and enjoy the company of, baking your ultimate dish/cake/batch of cookies, skydiving, surfing, playing a bit of footie with your mates ...whatever it is make sure to do at least ONE thing that makes you love being here on earth!

Happy Vivacious Day!!

Spread the celebration!..pass on to anyone and everyone who'd like to join in the fun!
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