Thursday, 17 February 2011

Petrol for 32p a litre......

Fuel prices 15% up on this time last year!

It costs over £20 more to fill a family car than it did just two years ago!

If you're not sharing yet, or still have some empty seats to fill, just take two minutes to join Liftshare and start sharing. With four people in the car the price of petrol per person is just 32p a litre!

Handy hint: fuel prices vary widely between garages. Our pals at will tell you (for free) where the cheapest fuel is near  you...

The ever-growing popularity of car-sharing

So far this year, Liftshare have seen a massive 30% more new members joining compared to the same period last year. They now provide over 1,000 car-sharing schemes around the UK too (if the organisation where you work has parking challenges or is trying to reduce its carbon footprint, Liftshare might be able to help).

Happy sharing and happy saving! 

Quote of the Month: "Before I started car-sharing, I was filling up every five days. Now it's every fortnight. I'm saving about £1,250 a year, which will only increase as petrol prices go up." Katie Whitney

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