Friday, 11 February 2011

Share your Money Saving Know-How

Here at Zerocredit we like to think we know a thing or two about saving money, spending less and having fun for free. But we also know there are lots of people and organisations out there who may know things we don't know! And we want our members and our readers to know as much as they can about credit free living. Zerocredit Ltd is a cooperative - and that's the principle by which we operate - sharing information, skills and goodwill.

So if you are feeling good about how you spend less than you used to, have had great fun on a shoestring or have some clever tips for living on less - well we would like you to tell us about it. And we hope that you will enjoy sharing your tips because it's a little bit of giving that's completely credit free!


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Your tips can be simple, clever, funny or just plain weird - whatever - we still want to know about them. Take Mavis's jackets - simple yet somehow so delightful - or practical information like London and back for £2.75

Tell us of your successes buying from charity shops or using freecycle, to help inspire others. Perhaps you have a favourite meal that is frugal and delicious - it might be part of our Family Meals for Much Less than a Fiver series (yes I know the title alone is a mouthful!)

If you work in an organisation that helps people to live more cheaply like Ecomodo, we would love to know about it - and indeed if you have used such a service send in a review. Or you may be part of a group trying to live more sustainably.

We would also appreciate stories about experience of being in debt. Leaning about how others coped can be very supportive and encouraging as many people who are in debt, struggle alone.

In a nutshell its all about sharing. You are invited to write a whole blog and may be become a regular contributer or send in your ideas and tips for us to write up. Your work and tips will be attributed to you on the blog, unless you wish to remain anonymous.

And we all end up with a warm, tingly feelgood factor.

What next? Email your ideas, queries or complete blog to

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