Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Spring Cleaning ??? The traditional way!

It’s that time of year again, when the weather starts to get warmer, flowers begin to bloom and the house could do with a good spring clean in preparation for the summer months. This is a great time to tackle those cleaning tasks that perhaps get left out of the regular cleaning routine. However the annual deep clean can be a daunting task, which in the past has involved a huge range of cleaning agents that promise to do different things. To keep things simple this spring, try the many benefits of using traditional cleaning products such as Soda Crystals, Bicarbonate of Soda and White Vinegar that have been used to keep homes clean for decades. Keeps things simple, green and low cost!



White Vinegar is a brilliantly versatile multi-purpose cleaner that has descaling and deodorising properties. It’s a mild acetic acid which can clean any number of surfaces naturally and gently. You may have heard old tales about using White Vinegar and newspaper to clean windows – well it really works! Simply spray the vinegar onto windows or mirrors and buff to a streak-free shine using a scrunched up newspaper!* 


Kitchen cupboards

Traditional cleaning product Borax had been reclassified by the EU, and is no longer available as a cleaning and laundry product, however Dri-Pak have launched a Borax Substitute that has all the same cleaning and laundry uses as original Borax! Borax Substitute works great when sprinkled onto surfaces and wiped with a damp cloth. Use this method to clean out kitchen cupboards and leave them spotless and smelling fresh! 



If you can’t stand the smell of harsh chemical oven cleaners then give this a go! To start, turn off the electricity or gas supply to the oven for safety, then take out all of the shelves and soak them in a strong, hot Soda Crystal solution. Leave them to soak whilst you tackle the inside of the oven. You can either mix a strong, hot Soda Crystals solution or use Liquid Soda Crystals in a handy trigger spray bottle and spray the whole inside of the oven. Then simply close the door and leave for half an hour to an hour. Once you come back, most of the greasy burnt on food will easily come off using a scourer. Simply repeat the process on any stubborn areas. In the mean time scrub the oven shelves, rinse and dry. 



For fresh smelling carpets, use the deodorising power of Bicarbonate of Soda! Remove any lingering odours, by sprinkling Bicarbonate of Soda and leaving overnight for it to absorb odours. Then simply vacuum up in the morning and your room will smell fresh and clean.


Curtains and throws

If delicate curtains and throws need a freshen-up, but you’re worried about the damage modern detergents may cause, give Liquid Soap Flakes a go. Liquid Soap Flakes are pure soap with no added detergents or brighteners that can damage delicate fabrics. Check the curtain and throw washing instructions, and if safe to put in a washing machine, simply add the recommended amount of Liquid Soap Flakes to the machine drawer. If hand washing is recommended add a cap full of Liquid Soap Flakes to a bathtub of lukewarm water and wash using a gentle ‘plunge and squeeze’ action with your hands.


All cleaning products are available online through or in independent hardware shops, wholesalers and various supermarkets. For more information about Dri-Pak traditional and natural cleaning products call (0115) 932 5165.


NB Do not use Soda Crystals on aluminium items

*Do not use White Vinegars on frosted glass or leaded glass windows (with exposed lead)

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