Monday, 28 February 2011

What Zero-credit is here for....

When someone has a toothache they go to the dentist, when they need a divorce or a Will they go to a solicitor, when they have a leak they call a plumber, when they have had an upset with a family member they speak to a friend.

Yet when someone has a problem with debt they tend to withdraw and speak less and less to anyone. They often do not know who to seek help from, do not want to tell their friends or family, and may even not be admitting the full problem to themselves. 

Letters go unopened, telephone calls go unanswered and yet, just like many other problems, the longer it is left the worse it will get. And there are too many people suffering from this in the UK for it to be ignored any longer. 

Zero-credit Ltd is a cooperative set up by Emma Bryn-Jones to challenge the stigma, ignorance and fear associated with debt. Whatever the reason for debt, redundancy, sickness, bereavment, low income, a bad financial decision, the outcome is often stress and fear. 

Zero-credit provides supportive information, shares tips on low cost living and on tackling debt. It is here for everyone who has struggled with debt. Debtors Coop provides an Information Service on such topics as Debt Advice Trends and Borrowing and Saving.

If you become a Member, you can have a say in what we do. You can tell us what you would like to see tackled, what you think the important issues are, as well as supporting the work we do.

You will also get a monthly newsletter and a free Ebook.

Individual Membership costs just £1 for 12 months. Full terms and conditions here.


Want a say in how we do things?

For £1 a year, Zero-credit membership
is open to anyone, 
aged 16 or over
with personal experience of debt.

Alternatively, if you're a business, why
not subscribe to our Information Service

Come on, join us today! 
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