Thursday, 3 March 2011

Free, Fun, Uplifting and Good for You!

What are we talkng about? Walking of course! At this time of year with evidence of Spring emerging I really do recommend a walk out. If you live in a city or town find a park, stream or hill to walk. Your library or information centre may have town walk maps or information sheets, or walks to the outskirts and greener places.

All health experts tell you how good walking is as an exercise, but just so much more than that, it lifts the spirits. Look at the snowdrops, daffodils, and the buds emerging on the trees. Even though it is still quite cold, when the sun shines everything is sharp and bright and your worries can disappear!


Look out for local walking groups. Try the library or Exeter has just started up Green Walks once a month. It's free and takes you to a different part of the outskirts of the city each time.

Walking with others can encourage you to walk further, faster and up more hills. However walking alone can be terrific to mull over things in your life and can be great for inspiration too.

Whether you go with friends, or alone - chances are you will feel much better at the end of a walk than at the beginning.

If you love walking, do share your favourite routes and why you love it so much.

Photos by Ian Nicholson

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