Friday, 18 March 2011

Google, Advertising and Cookies

When you search on Google, Google knows what you search on and ensures that advertising that displays on the screen is appropriate to your interests! Scary eh?

Now I never consciously look at the adverts around me on the internet but I have started observing them more - and there is often logic to what they try to sell me. 

It is however possible to edit your preferences on 'interest-based advertising' - or opt out altogether by going to

Now I don't know lots about this subject so I'm hoping that some people more technical than me will be able to throw more light on the subject, but I wanted to highlight the tracking google does on your searching because I think its important that people are aware it is there, and how it might be used.

It's really similar to loyalty cards - by taking one you are consenting to a shop knowing all about your shopping habits and therefore direct coupons and discounts that are relevant. 

I am really keen to get more comments and information on this one so that people can learn to better control the information they have on, what should be, their 'personal' computer.


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