Monday, 7 March 2011

How to save ??????s at the Supermarket

If you shop at a supermarket regularly, use before your next trip or online shop. I just tried it and here is the difference in price on a shopping list of many of the things I regularly buy. 

Sainsburys £42.52

Tecos £49.82

Asda £47.62

Ocado £68.31 (Astounding!!)

Clearly over 52 weeks of the year this is a big difference - over £1300!! 

It's really easy to use. Choose your usual supermarket and make a shopping list. It keeps a tally as you shop showing the cost at the four main supermarkets at the top of your list. If you normally order your shopping online, you can select to get your shopping from the supermarket that is cheapest. Or you can print out the list and take it with you to the shop.

The website will also highlight items on your list that you could get cheaper by buying a different brand or different quantity at the same supermarket. So it might encourage you to try some cheaper brands. (And if you are on a diet - you can have suggestions for some lower calorie options!)

Considering a family spends between £2500-£5000 in a supermarket each year - a little planning is well worth the effort.

Click on the image below - to see what I bought...


If you try, let us know what savings you made.


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