Sunday, 6 March 2011

Make Your Own Pancakes....#SundaySavers

It's Pancake Day on Tuesday - so get out your flour, eggs and milk - and trust Delia's recipe to make great pancakes

When it comes to making pancakes, the Supermarkets are cashing in by selling pancake mix but its at least twice as expensive - and if you only make pancakes once a year you may waste half of it. 

 With the powdered mixes you still have to add eggs and water as the mix is just flour and dried milk - and added salt which you may not want - so it's little different to making it yourself from scratch, just more costly. And a complete mix that you only add water to, only makes 6 pancakes for £1.49 or £1 if its on offer.

There is a huge satisfaction in making your own - and you can soon make more if required!

So our #SundaySaver today is to make sure you have the right ingredients in your cupboard and don't bother with the special pancake mixes on offer.

Delia's Pancake recipe

2 eggs - 30p

200ml/7floz milk - 10p

50g margarine - 12p or butter 20p

110g plain flour - 5p

75ml water - 1p

12 pancakes for less than 70p

So save money and have fun - and do send in your photos of your homemade pancakes! Perfect with lemon, sugar or your favourite filling!



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