Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Making the most of Zero-credit


We have been publishing creditfree guides at Zero-credit since June 2009 - always free to use and free from advertising and sponsorship. Our menu classifies household spending - ranked by value of spend - using National Statistics data. The only exception is Finance because we need good money management to start any spending /saving plan.

Topping and tailing our menu are this Zero-credit home page, and Debtors Coop, a gateway to information about our cooperative, with news about our business, areas of expertise and, of course, access to the Information Service for Members and Subscribers. 

If you represent a charity or community group that tackles poverty or debt, why not contact us to share your news at Zero-credit? There’s no charge for this and very often we’ll promote what you’re doing though our other channels too. If you think your news is more suited to another section, that’s fine, just contact us and we can set up for you to post directly or through our Editor, Penny.

Our Finance section reviews products and services, which can help to manage debt. We also include commentary on financial trends affecting people in debt or on low income. This is the only category for which contributions are restricted, as we regularly receive inappropriate link requests and comments attempting to misdirect our readers. 

Within Property we include all fixtures, fittings, furnishings and fuel economies necessary to maintain a comfortable home, as well as some of the more unconventional DIY, self-build and ownership schemes such as community land trusts and low impact living. Our aim is to challenge routine spending.

From home delivery to Bangernomics, our Transport section includes a range of green and money saving travel tips, for individuals and communities. We also hope to post some DIY vehicle repair and maintenance guides soon too, so if you have any to share, get in touch

It’s a fool’s economy to cut back on enjoying life, so Leisure encompasses holidays, days out, celebrations and gifts. It is particularly popular for seasonal posts, during Halloween, Christmas and most recently Valentine’s Day, and its range of crafting and technological ideas. 

From family meals for much less than a fiver to cooking coops, food coops, bulk shopping and cleaning tips, Household is one of our most popular categories, attracting a large number of comments and contributions. Perhaps you have something to share?

Our Fashion section covers cosmetics, personal hygiene, clothing and accessories. Here we show you how to care, repair and make alterations - it’s amazing what you can do yourself! From the Spring, we aim to be vlogging a number of swishing events around the country too, so if there’s one local to you, let us know.

Welfare is there to provide anyone facing a change in circumstances with support. This could be to do with kids moving schools, coming off a private health care scheme, benefits, redundancy, tax, self-employment and job-seeking advice.  Most recently, a number of contributors have posted items relating to self-help and support groups.

Online newspapers, the annual e-book air, widescreen TV for under £200, our Communications section features IT, telecoms and audio-visual technology, which solves the problem of spending money. If you’re a creditfree computing genius, we’d love to hear from you!


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