Thursday, 31 March 2011

Men in Sheds

Looking around I am often heartened by people getting together to help us to live on less, and have fun meeting people and sharing at the same time. Recently we have reported about Freegle for free goods, Ecomodo for borrowing stuff, Liftshare for sharing cars and there are many more.

I have recenty started gardening and my only implement was a trowel - which is of limited use when major weeding and soil digging is in order! I was going to put out a 'wanted' on Freecycle and then to my delight I came accross 'Men in Sheds'.

I was able to purchase a reconditioned spade and fork for a total of £12. They were of a quality that even I knew would cost at least six times that, new. And they came with a full guarentee that should there be any problems, they would be repaired or replaced.


Here is a little more about them:-

This facility was established in 2010 as an Age Concern Exeter activity.

It was primarily identified and set up to offer a facility to men of a certain age where they could meet for a few hours a week, in the familiar age old environment of their sheds and workshops.

The objectives, in no particular order of priority are:

  • To meet other kindred spirits
  • To refurbish and renovate tools and garden equipment so they are no longer rusty, redundant, and forgotten but refurbished and perfectly workable items, either to be assembled and donated or other charities and organisations, both in UK and Africa, or to be sold to raise money for Age Concern.
  • To enjoy a fine selection of tea and biscuits
  • To refurbish and bring back to life tools and equipment for local people for a small donation
  • To discuss the local and global situation and put together our suggestions for setting the world to rights.

Our progress and development over the last few months has been considerable but we are still looking for two main things:

  • Men of a certain age (over 50) who think they would enjoy spending a few hours a week in this environment and who would like to help us renovate these tools for a good cause.  (experience and skill levels are not important)
  • Donations of old, rusty, redundant tools and equipment, no matter what size, shape or condition, which Men in Sheds can turn into proper functional items which will be used and cherished for another generation or so

If you like the sound of this, or know someone (males only) who would enjoy or benefit from a few hours involvement then please get in touch, come and meet us, see what we do and how we do it, and at least take advantage from our tea and biscuits.

In the first instance contact Jessica Cohen at Age Concern (01392 202092)

So if you are in Devon and are seeking out some good tools at low cost, or want to find a home for the tools in your shed that never see the light of day - you know what to do!


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