Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Mother's Day Magic

Mothers Day is approaching, the pressure is on to delight your Mother. The shops are full or 'solutions' for you. Say it with flowers, a meal out, a pretty gift, chocolates, perfume or a silk scarf.

The shops will tell you to treat your Mum to their products. And it's hard to resist their message when you really love your Mum. But this is an occasion, when it really is the thought that counts. 

What most mothers want is your Presence - not your Presents. 

If you are able to be with your mother and give her time, attention and love, that is far more valuable than anything you can buy. Do jobs for her, make her lunch and most of all give her a big hug. Most Mums love chocolates, flowers and presents but all that pales to insignificance against the joy of a bit of quality time with the person or people in whom they have invested limitless love and care.

If you can't be with her, then a phone call, an email, a text, a letter to show you have been thinking of her.

I am both a Mother and a daughter, so, like for many, I can see the day from both sides. My children have 'fled the nest' now, and I love to hear from them and better still see them. But like many Mothers I do my best not to make demands or apply pressure. I am delighted that they lead busy, full lives.

As a daughter, I think each passing year teaches me more and more how precious my Mother is and how much she has done for me and loves me.

Mothers and children do not always get on. There is the fight for independence and freedom in the teenage years and we often hold passionate but conflicting views of the world. And yet the common bond of love, protection and family enables the relationship  to flourish admist the discontent.

So buy your Mother a gift, within your budget, if you wish. But you know the best things in life are free - and there is rarely a gift so completely free as a Mother's love.



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