Friday, 4 March 2011

National Student Money Week: 7-11 March 2011


“Manage your money, don’t let it manage you!”

Despite all the current issues around student funding the National Association of Student Money Advisers (NASMA) are keen to let students know that you don’t need to get into huge debt to survive as a student. There is advice available as well as financial support.

National Student Money Week (NSMW) is an exciting new initiative for 2011, organised by NASMA. The week will take place from 7-11 March, and will highlight the excellent work currently being undertaken by practitioners and the range of support available for applicants,students and graduates in UK further and higher education. The key messages are that support is available, and that students should apply as early as they can for funding that may be available to them.

As pointed out by Lynne Condell, NASMA Chairperson, student funding is a concern for many but support is available to address those concerns:

“It’s fair to say that some students struggle more than others with their finances.Applicants and students often worry about whether their funding is enough for them to live on. It can be very confusing and people sometimes get into difficulty.

I am pleased to say that the work of NASMA members and Money Doctors goes a long way to addressing these issues, and there is no reason for students to feel alone in managing their finances. National Student Money Week will provide proactive and engaging activity at institutions across the UK, to promote the support available.”

Universities, Colleges, Students’ Unions and many other organisations across the UK are actively engaged with National Student Money Week. There is a wide range of activity taking place, with some institutions organising roadshows to include competitions and prizes,others running drop-in sessions, and some delivering training to academic staff about the importance of financial capability and awareness of student funding issues.

Prospective and current students are encouraged to apply for funding as early as possible and make use of the support available. Those current students looking to graduate in 2011 are encouraged to consider what they will do next, and plan their finances accordingly.

Finances needn’t cause you worry when you are a student if you plan ahead and take some advice about managing your money effectively, and do all you can to maximise the money available to you. There is support available throughout the year to help you with this, and during National Student Money Week students can learn about money, win prizes, and learn that funding can in fact be fun!



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