Monday, 7 March 2011

Parking Tales - the Good and the Bad

A Which? article today told the story of a someone who had asked all about the parking regulations for their parked car, and then still got a ticket because the attendant had omitted an essential detail. So its important to know all the rules, and check all the notices.

However, others have reported successfully appealing parking fines, so its clearly always worth trying, particularly where your case is justified. Which? tell you how. If you have had a parking ticket recently, I strongly recommend you read this.

I recently parked on a street which I thought was free. About 30 minutes later I saw a parking attendant making out a ticket by my car, so I ran over to check. He pointed out that I was at the start of the metered parking and pointed to a sign right outside my car. Whoops!

However he said if I got a meter ticket right then he would refrain from giving me a parking ticket.Luckily I got to him before he had got to the point of no return on issuing the ticket. He must have been in a good mood, or may be he was just a genuinely nice parking attendant. But it shows that sometimes a polite enquiry to begin with can work wonders!

Which? also have reported on the relative cost of parking and the variation between cities. Worth checking out before you travel as train or bus may well work out cheaper overall!

Do you have any Parking Ticket tales, or words of advice?

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