Friday, 4 March 2011

Something for the Weekend... Frugal Friday

As Friday afternoon draws on and the weekend approaches - here are a few ideas to enjoy the weekend, but not overspend

1. If you go out for a meal, drink tap water with your food, and enjoy a bottle of wine and/or coffee later at home. You may save up to a half of a bill that includes drinks.

2. If going out for a meal seems too much, go out for afternoon tea and cake or even for a leisurely breakfast! You still get the togetherness and atmosphere, and great food - but not the expense. 

3. Go for a walk, with friends, with an organised group, or alone to get some valued 'me' time.

4. Love books and reading? visit your local library, and join if you haven't already - low cost DVDs and CDs too.

5. Have a 'bring and share' - where your friends all cook and bring a part of the meal - more fun and tasty than eating out. Needs someone to co-ordinate so you don't end up with six puddings... On the other hand a Pudding Party sounds great!!

6. Swap DVDs - take it turns to buy the latest releases and swap them amongst a group fo friends - or at work.

7. If you are having a DIYweekend - try Ecomodo rather than buying tools and equipment.

8. Cut down on meal costs - try a recipe in our Family Meals for Much Less than a Fiver series in 'Household'

9. Find free places to visit on -

10. Get together with friends or family and play an old-fashioned board game - see what you have in your cupboards.

Have fun - and do tell us about your #frugalfriday tips


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