Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Swishing - Fashion for Free!


The scene before the swishing began!

I went to my first Clothes Swapping event on Saturday. It was in Crediton, Devon. It was inspirational! Amazing number of people and clothes. See the picture to get some idea of size - and that's only showing about half the clothes.

I went with a friend who was not only looking for clothes she could wear, but clothes made of great fabric that could be used to make a bag, cushion cover or be turned into a new item of clothing.

Between us we took 18 items. What did I get? A 'new' scarf. I love scarves as they can add interest to any outfit. I got a top that I will turn into a shopping bag, and a Jaeger wool jacket which I am going to give to someone. I will write about the bag when I make it.

I will also ask my friend to take 'before' and 'after' pictures of alterations or transformations she does with the clothes she acquired.

Would I go again? I certainly would! It was fabulous - a real buzzy and friendly atmosphere too! It's great to think that all these clothes that are rejected by their owners will get a new lease of life with other people.

If you are on a budget it's such a fabulous way to replensih your wardrobe.

And nothing will go to waste. The 'leftovers' will got to charity ships, clothing banks or the 'rag man' depending on its quality. Nothing will go to landfill.

If you see a swishing event in your area, I urge you to go - or just arrange an informal clothes swap amongst your friends. If you don't have any clothes to swap you can buy items of clothing. In this case it was just £1 and item.

The organisers of this event - Sustainable Crediton - will be running another event the same in the future - a testimony to its success.

Please tell us about your swishing experiences.


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