Thursday, 14 April 2011

The debt goes on...


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So insensed by our DWP forcing jobseekers into debt post, new Member, Bill Kruse continues to ask who's really paying for the bailout?


Forcing us all into debt appears to be exactly what the government wants to do; they want to replace government debt with public debt. This means the likes of you and me have to go into even greater debt than we're now carrying so their big business and banking chums can have another bite of the cherry. I've mentioned impending broadscale social disorder and breakdown before and I'm quite serious about this as a) this is the information age and as more people begin to discover the truth about how banking and finance actually work it seems inevitable protest and rioting will become commonplace even here in the staid UK and b) we almost had a complete breakdown back in 2007/2008, something not many people seem to be aware of.


Then there's this, to add to our problems, Osborne's tax inspectors are cosying up with big businesses to ask them what they want in a tax haven and seeking to implement those requirements, not chasing them for the taxes they owe as they should be. Now if giant corporations aren't paying their taxes here or anywhere at all, just who is it who pays for the environment we live in? Answer; we do, or that appears to be the (probably optimistic) theory at least. That may account for some of the nonsense going on in job centres at the moment, with claimants being threatened with sanctions for absurd reasons if they fail to apply for wholly inappropriate jobs they have no reasonable chance of actually getting.


Let's face it, None of the biggies in government or their business chums have any idea of what really goes on in job centres, they probably genuinely believe that if we're all kicked up the backside harder then we'll magically somehow all find jobs. Wishful thinking I'm afraid. And in areas where they should be kicking backsides very hard indeed they're simply offering cosmetic solutions. Witness reports from the Vickers Commission on Banking Reform suggesting banks should ring-fence customer money to keep it separate from their casino operation.


This is so they don't lose all our money when they lose all theirs, it's suggested. What are we going to do when they fail to do this? What are we going to do exactly when they admit this alleged ring-fencing hasn't worked (or, more likely, wasn't even bothered with) and blushingly admit that, since they've lost all our money for us, again, we'll just have to bail them out, again... or else they'll go bust and the UK economy (or, indeed, the worldwide economy given how internationally connected banking is now) will fail? Threatening the banks with feeble nonsense like this is only going to make them roll over and yawn, not snap to attention. The economy remains headed off a cliff and the authorities, charged with putting a brake on this behaviour, seem instead to be in the front passenger seat, urging the mad bankers on as they drive us from one financial calamity to the next...



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