Friday, 27 May 2011

Squeeze Back!


When experts tell us we're spending less on leisure in recession, we accept the humdrum and forget to question the extra pennies here and there on staple goods and services. Bucking the billy-no-mates, budget lifestyle trend is the village of Bloxham, just outside Banbury in Oxfordshire. On 7th May, they held their second, free family festival, without any grant whatsoever this year.

Local people and businesses rallied round to raise funds and sponsorship, increasing footfall by 500 to 3,000. The village's three pubs, chip chop, deli, WI, bowls club, bell ringers, conservationists, scrap merchant, you name it, came out in an all hands on deck, which saw eight to eighty year olds performing live from ten in the morning till midnight.

We don't need to be told that Britain's Got Talent, when we can entertain ourselves like this. Our hard earned cash stays amongst family and friends, keeping our local economy afloat. This Bank Holiday? Why not give the banks and the spin doctors a real holiday, celebrating creditfree with the big or otherwise society of your choice!


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