Tuesday, 10 May 2011

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Zero-credit is a consumer cooperative, representing borrowers’ interests. Who do we mean when we say borrowers? Ordinary people, who have used or are using a credit card, loan, or mortgage.  


Some of us may slip into the red now and then – most often at Bank Holidays, when the balances don’t update – and we pay for it...


Many of us have jobs to go to, to look for, or families to worry about, so any small print opting us into unforeseen extras is not an option. Life is far too important for that!


Precisely because we are a cooperative, which shares ideas, our Members expect, and are gaining, respect from government, the media and financial services.  


And if one or two bankers seem to have forgotten that the customer is always right? Well, the more fool them, we say – after all, what ARE market forces if not consumers...


Why not join us if you are aged 16 or over, have personal experience of borrowing and believe that borrowers need:


to be valued as consumers

to have clear, reliable and actionable money advice

to receive credit information only when requested

to find lending that is purposeful and sustainable

to repay lending without harassment

never to feel helpless


With personal borrowing worth £1453 billion in the UK, the pound in our pockets is worth a bob or two, and there’s no doubt that we are many! 



Want a say in how we do things?

For £1 a year, Zero-credit membership
is open to anyone, 
aged 16 or over
with personal experience of borrowing.

Alternatively, if you're a business, why
not support our Research & Development

Come on, join us today! 
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