Friday, 17 June 2011

an invitation to party - kicking butt ;-)


It's been a busy few weeks here at Zero-credit. Our website turned two on 9th June and our Twitter account joins in the Birthday fun on 23rd. However, our origins run even deeper than that. The original "Zero-credit or Bust" book started life at Easter 2008 - it's soon to go on sale in Our Shop.

To celebrate our journey from council house bedroom to consumer co-operative and one of the UK's Top 3 money tweeters, we wanted a party with a twist! In true creditfree style, we have re-crafted our website for the grand total of £135 - an amazing £15 less than we spent on the original two years ago!

What can you expect? Well, our beloved posterous blog is still here of course, rethemed and connected to the rest of the new site, where you can find out about Our Coop, learn more about Our Story and Our Work, meet Our People and join Our Community. Our Shop will go live next week, because there a few more technicalities to sort out and above all we want you to enjoy the experience!

Perhaps our proudest achievement is the creation of a cut-to-chase Tools menu for any borrower seeking to avoid or get out of debt. Here you will find consumer protection, like our new video (above) and useful contacts linking through to the Twitter accounts and websites of over 200 not-for-profit help, advice and support agencies.

You can also explore Planning for digital resources to manage borrowing and budgeting yourself - the choice is yours, because you're a consumer no matter how broke you are! From next week also, a selection of Savings accounts from key mutuals and friendly societies that share our values will go live on the site. And finally, safeguarding you and yours throughout these uncertain times, our Support page connects you to key contacts, calculators and checkers, because we believe passionately that no borrower need ever feel helpless.

So, that's our Birthday present to you. If you want to celebrate with us, simply have a good old mooch around our new site, then comment, like, tweet or share this post! Thank you so much for your support :-)

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