Sunday, 26 June 2011

Insulation for the Nation!


Insulation for the Nation is a fantastic new scheme from benefits entitlement specialists, Income Max. It's energy saving, eco-aware and so money saving that it's free! All you need to do is answer four short questions and you'll have an answer about your eligibility for home insulation straight away. 

What's more, customers who email or call 0300 777 777 2 get a free benefit check too - a far better bogof than many we can think of and a darned site better for your bank balance than a high-cost loan!

Zero-credit recently featured Income Max amongst our quick pick of key Support tools to avoid becoming a victim of changed circumstances. Recent research by the charity CCCS showed that debt problems were far more likely to occur as a result of job loss, illness or divorce than overspending, so knowing where to to go for help quickly can make all the difference.

This at-a-glance Benefits Checklist is another example of how Income Max is making key entitlement information as accessible as possible - due credit for helping us to stay creditfree!

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