Saturday, 2 July 2011

Cashback on debt advice?


It looks as though the spinning wheel has come full circle, as the bottom feeders of the bag-a-bargain food chain jump onto the cashback bandwagon. Pop will eat itself? Just watch credit!

Martyn Saville at Which? asked on Thursday, whether “Debt companies shouldn’t offer Quidco cashback”. Apologies to Martyn - and due credit for raising the issue - but the “best bits” are undoubtedly in the comments.

The black and white portrayal of practices that are inherently grey should tell you that incentives to buy your way out of debt are pure melodrama - each twist and turn of their tawdry plot, designed to part you from your cash.

In what is little more than a price war, watch the demise of big bucks from desperation. And if some marketers fail to get their heads round the uncharted territory of less than vulnerable consumers, they are a welcome addition to the dole queue.

Our advice to the cashback cronies? Do not bite the hand that feeds you. As more of us learn to live within ever decreasing means, we are discounting pretty much all that you say.

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