Sunday, 7 August 2011

Banking Tech Check


We're big fans of Brett King and his Bank 2.0 theories, here at Zero-credit. His work reminds us that the consumer is at the heart of any brand management or marketing strategy. Still, we're perplexed...

If the technology exists to tap two smartphones together to complete a transaction:

  • How come we can't switch change the payment cycle for a Direct Debit the moment we become ill, self- or unemployed?
  • How come we're paying extra for apps when technology is reducing the costs of transactions?

Brett's comment "Who owns the customer?" is very telling. No one owns us, thank you very much. Banking is a service for which customers pay - shared ownership of the bank's time and resources, if you like...

Allow consumers to own the banks - oops, we forgot, one or two taxpayers do - and we may find something approaching loyalty?


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