Friday, 30 September 2011

#Creditfree Cutbacks

We've said it before and we'll say it again: when money saving is such a buzz word, buyer beware! If you really want to kick butt with your spending then you need to start thinking about how to make it count - not just a cutback but a fightback too! #Itsourmoney after all!

1 Cutback on cover!

Have a look for any insurance policies and warranties you do not need and check your direct debits for those sneaky little beggars that have been set up for automatic renewal. Car insurers can be particularly crafty with this after an initial year of free roadside assistance. You may prefer to keep protection for outgoings that could become priority debts. Not so essential is insurance on every single electrical item you've ever bought, or anything else that's covered by home contents.

2 Fightback on banking!

Open a credit union current or savings account to make your money work for you! Many have the added bonus of low cost insurance and access to credit when you need it - at far better rates than doorstep or payday lenders - it's better to be safe than sorry. The banks are already moving in on charges for basic accounts and cash machine withdrawals, so keep your money with friends and family to have control over what's rightfully yours!

3 Inflation busting insulation!

You could spend a small fortune on all the latest green gadgetry - triple A this and solar powered that. Never mind what you could buy - start looking at what you can re-use to keep warm this winter. Many in the low impact living community share real eco-savings, from simple ideas like using cardboard to cover windows, or recycling waste paper and junk mail with a briquette maker. It may not be pretty but it's cheap!

4 Supermarket savers!

Have you noticed how everything comes in packages these days and that portions are getting smaller? Less is quite literally more, when it comes to supermarkets keeping you shopping every day... Why pay for packaging when you can weigh out what you want at a market or local independent? Fresh produce is often 60% cheaper on a market stall and you can stew, freeze or preserve what you don't use now.

5 Let there be leisure!

It's a fool's economy to believe you can live without a little me time, so cut the day to day spending that's a drain on your purse to create a dedicated pot for your pleasure! Are you after a touch of rest and relaxation in which case the quality of accommodation counts, or the buzz of city life when your spending money matters most? Focus on the biggest pick-me-up for your free-time and cut corners on what matters least.


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