Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Upgrading your mobile?

When a Zero-credit member recommends a new service, we just have to pay attention, and my goodness, are we liking our introduction to Kelly from Mobilife, who is guest blogging some top creditfree tips for us here! 

Apparently, consumers could typically save £13,000 over a lifetime by switching every time their contract is up. But if you’re happy with your current network and don’t want to change, how do you get the best deal? As you’ll be talking to your current network’s upgrade/loyalty department about a new contract, it’s useful to understand how these departments work. 

To get the best deal possible, it’s the LOYALTY team you should speak to.

When calling about renewal, you have the choice to speak to someone about upgrading or leaving. The upgrade team deals with standard renewals, but the loyalty team deals with customers who want to leave - meaning they have a bigger budget to play with when it comes to discounts! The amount of loyalty “allowance” they are able to give is usually based on your average spend over the last 3 months. 

So, if you’re looking for a new handset that isn’t out for a couple of months and think you may save some money by switching to a SIM-only deal for a bit, think again. This is likely to reduce your discount because your average spend will go down. You could be better off staying on your current tariff for a couple of months to attract a better discount when you do upgrade.



Before you speak to anyone though, you need to know what to negotiate for and here’s where Mobilife comes in. You can search our site for deals by network, price, allowances - you can even select not to see deals from third party retailers or just see the ones sold directly by your specific network. 

Even better, use our bill analyser to tailor the deals you see to exactly what you need, or this guide if you’re quite not sure what you want from a deal yet. Once you’ve found something you’re happy with, note down the key elements so you can quote it to your network’s loyalty team. If they think you have a deal lined up, your efforts will progress a lot quicker!


Whatever you’re offered first time round, challenge it!

Networks often have different offers, depending on what they feel they can “get away with”, so it’s rare they’ll give you their best discount first. If you say you are still thinking of leaving or even ask for your PAC, you may find they give you a better offer there and then, or call you back a couple of days later. Oh, and the beginning of the month is usually the best time to call, as the agents often have loyalty targets, so if they’ve already given a lot away one month, they can be a bit tight at the end of it!

As an existing customer, you should find a better deal than a new customer, especially if your monthly spend is around £30 a month. If you spend £50+ per month, then you’ll probably get whatever you want, as your current network won’t want to lose you!

My Sensational Deal!

When I upgraded this year to the HTC Sensation I was spending around £30-£35 a month (including insurance for £5 a month, line rental at £25 a month and charges like Orange Wednesday texts and 08 number calls). My tariff was 400 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of internet. By speaking to the loyalty team, I was offered a free Sensation, 800 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of internet for £25 a month on an 18 month contract. Pretty good huh?

So, get your bartering hat on and see what deal you can get! Don’t forget to earn some good money back by using one of the phone recycling sites like fonebank and tweet @mobilife_kelly to let me know how you get on!


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