Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Bring on the champers, Debtology is live!


Debtology Ltd is proud to announce the launch of the Debtology interactive debt advice smartphone application. This app will help thousands of people every year get bespoke advice and assistance with their financial difficulties. The first ever app of its kind, it replicates the independent face to face debt advice process through an intuitive, easy to use process.    

Sim Ilyas, Debtology Founder and Managing Director says: “Problematic debt remains a huge contributor to poverty in the UK. The root causes of debt are complex and widely misunderstood. Debt problems affect individuals, families and children and often stem from unexpected life events such as ill health and relationship breakdown. The fundamental factor in whether an individual feels able to cope is often the availability of independent advice”.  

“We have created a brand new channel of advice delivery through our smartphone application. People can now discreetly and efficiently obtain bespoke advice and take proactive steps towards improving their financial situation. Debtology will help people make genuine progress and not just continue with typical avoidance tactics”.  

The only charge associated with the process is the nominal payment for downloading the app (£1.49). App users are guided through an advice process and offered a range of recommendations on strategies they might adopt to help improve their financial situation. App users are also given a range of suggestions regarding organisations which can help them take the next step.  

Debtology is always interested in hearing from people who would like to work in partnership - please contact You can find out more about Debtology at their website


Individual Member - £1.00 yearly Business Subscriber - £30.00 yearly

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