Friday, 28 October 2011

In the market for credit freedom?

Cash is king and here's why!

Markets are the best, as old as the hills yet still quirky and modern and brimming with alternative lifestyles. Big towns have great markets: Birmingham, Swansea, Glasgow, Leicester, Newcastle, Darlington, Leeds - and they keep up with the times. Leeds’ Kirkgate has had an interactive stall finder for more than three years now!

In London, try Berwick Street in the depths of Soho since 1778, offering a dose of your five a day when you’re shopping in the West End. 

Berwick Street Market (dates unknown) via

has superb meat, fish and poultry, making it an ideal stop for a pre-Christmas jaunt. Swansea is marvellous for Welsh lamb and lava bread, not to mention those sexy nylon pinafores we all yearn to wear when dusting, while Glasgow’s Barras boasts a ballroom on site!

In Newcastle, where the night-life gives our most liberated European cousins a run for their money, streets throbbing with clubbers at three are all swept up and washed down for stalls to be set up by five. Never mind “Go large”, go Bigg instead!

Smaller towns that are rich in history have iconic market status: Oxford’s covered market is a little pricey, though not compared to anywhere else in town. Cardigan’s Medieval market hall has Hoover bags, souvenirs and joss sticks to delight - all rubbing shoulders with home baking and locally reared meat.

Farmers’ markets have been on the increase in recent years and both Farma and Farm Direct have good information about who produces what, where, when and how.

Some farmers offer e-commerce so you never have to leave home - not bad if your car needs a SORN because you can’t afford your road tax just yet. Try Big Barn to see if you’re on a route for local produce to be delivered. The supermarkets didn’t invent door step delivery, you know!

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