Friday, 4 November 2011

Democracy is dead. Long live market forces!

As right to govern, you reported my vote,
To an unwanted war, you took it,
At the banks that I own, I’m of no note,
The accounts and expenses all crooked.

Protesting my ignorance, you rage when I strike,
In coffee-cup activism, dissed.
I occupy ground from which you are removed
- would it help if I did not exist?

In money shop madness, you squeeze me dry,
Freeze my assets in book-cooking energy.
Shopped to the market for shopping around,
You need me, to every last penny.

Go, shorten my hours and cut-back my rights,
I am growing and shall not desist.
Take my spending away from your occupied wealth
- who will pay when I cease to exist?


November 5th marks the start of Bank Transfer Day, a call to action for us to move our money to an ethical account that puts people first, at a cooperative, mutual, or credit union. Why is this critical? Because globally, we are not markets, we are people.

Perhaps you don’t have much in common with protestors at Wall Street or St Pauls - few at Zero-credit can afford such persistence. Yet we agree that every penny has its value, be it a benefit, payment or deposit.

Forget your ideology for a moment and consider that capitalism is failing because of protectionism, nepotism and greed. Since when was a rip-off what any consumer demands, or honest business but ignorance of profits?

From insurance policies, to packaged bank accounts, debit card and ATM charges, fees for switching, price increases for not, more fool you for skimming an encyclopaedia of small print. The wise know that loyalty means a scam.

For goodness sake, if you don’t buy the spin that stifles talent and creativity, MOVE YOUR MONEY. Invest in a society that breathes mobility, in which innovation reaps rewards for all. Bank ethical, shop local, save wisely with people who respect the seed you have nurtured.

We are not weak, nor are we helpless. The extent of shoddy practice reveals a dependence on the power of our purse, so let every penny, pound, dollar, euro, you name it, teach capitalism the lesson it forgot. As consumers, may we all vote "It's our money"!


Individual Member - £1.00 yearly Business Subscriber - £30.00 yearly
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