Saturday, 10 December 2011

Our kinda payday for our kinda people


Wednesday 7 December was a landmark for questions into the relentless growth of payday lending. It all kicked off with the BBC featuring the results of a massive new survey by a leading pollster for a Zero-Credit subscriber. 

On ITN, our newly elected Due Credit Tsar, and founder of Say No to Payday Loans, Steve Perry, gave his take on the survey results, while on Channel 4, another Zero-credit subscriber spoke about the rising numbers of payday debtors. Over on Sky, a Zero-credit member told viewers how credit unions can prevent knee-jerk borrowing through regular saving and access to responsible credit.

With Zero-credit covering all news bases, it comes as no surprise that the professional body representing payday lenders, the Consumer Finance Association, is courting us for pointers on how to do better - all this from just the first in our Mystery Shopping for Online Credit series and a whole load more to come in the New Year!

Should we offer the Consumer Finance Association a subscription to our Coop? Well it all depends on whether YOU are prepared to become part of one of the strongest consumer rights movements yet. If you want financial services to work for and not against us there’s never been a better time to join Zero-credit.


Individual Member - £1.00 yearly Business Subscriber - £30.00 yearly

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