Sunday, 29 January 2012

Morrisons make it with #MSavers

We’re very particular about advertising and sponsorship here at Zero-credit. There’s none of it!  We’ve been asked countless times to post a banner for this, or a link to that, and besides one brief trial to promote savings from mutuals with values similar to our own, we’ve never done it. Our independence is our strength and we believe in consumers and professionals making informed choices together.


Over the coming weeks, you will see the outcome of a very polite request by Morrisons for some of our coop members to try out their new M Savers range. Should the goodie bag our cash-conscious households receive represent the kind of value we call #creditfree, we’ll say so. 

Look out for the culinary critique of canny scot, Karen Bryan, at HelpmetoSave too – not much passes her eye for a deal! And finally? Due credit to Morrisons for a totally honest approach – it could go either way – though in our view, it pays to understand that loyalty cannot be bought.


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