Sunday, 5 February 2012

20 things a brand cannot do

1. A brand may die, but it cannot live

2. It cannot squeal with joy

3. Nor writhe in agony

4. A brand can be limp, but it can never run with the wind in its hair

5. A brand cannot smile

6. Nor can it laugh

7. And as for the jokes that it tells? A brand can never stand-up

8. A brand cannot make your bed rock

9. Nor can it get so drunk that it droops

10. A brand can have children, but never sit them on its knee

11. A brand cannot caress you

12. Nor can it fart 

13. Burp 

14. And snore

15. Though it can keep you awake at night, but only unintentionally

16. A brand cannot do the timewarp

17. It cannot hand-jive

18. Head-bang

19. Or do the twist

20. A brand cannot command your loyalty when it is not loyal to you


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