Thursday, 23 February 2012

Payday loans ??? the knave???s tale

This is a fictional tale by Claire Walters (@WFCCUClaire) and does not necessarily represent the views of Waltham Forest Community Credit Union.


“I’m a bit short mate, can you lend us a tenner?”

“Course I can, as long as I can get it back by Friday, and you pay my train fare as well”

“How much is the train fare?”

“Oh not much, just over £3”

“OK, I guess, thanks, see you Friday”


“Have you got my thirteen quid?”

“I’m really sorry, I can only give you a fiver, and your train ticket obviously, but I had to put some money on the gas meter so I’ll have to catch you next week, is that ok?”

“Oh well, I suppose so, but I’ll need you to give me another £3 for my fare and buy me a sandwich for the inconvenience”

“All right, ok, sorry, what kind of sandwich?”

“Prawn and mayo, £3.75”

“OK, no problem”


“Hi, have you got my £8 and the sandwich?”

“I feel a bit silly, but I ran out of time so I’ve only got £5 and haven’t had a chance to get the sandwich yet I’m afraid.”

“Oh man, I’m starving! And now I’ve got to buy my ticket too... Right, next week, I want the £3 you owe me, 2 lots of sandwiches, my ticket home and a pint to say sorry.”

“Ok, calm down  - sure, whatever you want , sorry again.”


“Now then – where’s my dosh and stuff?”

“Here it is, all sorted, the £3 I owe you, the sandwiches, today’s train ticket and a pint of Stella – are we straight? “

“Yes mate, that’s cool, but if you want to wait a week, I don’t mind, as long as you buy me a sandwich and a pint again next time...”

“Thanks for the offer, but I’m not being funny – I only borrowed a tenner and it’s already cost me £30 to pay you back because of all these extras”

“Ah well, who else would have lent you the tenner in the first place though... sure you don’t want to wait another week?”

NB: such people are not your friends, steer clear...
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