Friday, 28 September 2012

Life is too important to be taken seriously

I may get into trouble for posting this pic, but I don't care!  It seems to be cached at Pinterest but I am pretty damned sure they don't own the copyright, since it has been engraved on my memory for well over 30 years. That said, I'll give them #duecredit for allowing me to share it with you, because it has guided me throughout my entire adult life.


You see, this photo, together with the caption "LIfe is too important to be taken seriously" was on a motivational poster, illustrated with photos of animals, in my form room, when I was at school. I loved it and still do.

Perhaps because my parents collected models of elephants and religiously pointed them facing the doorway, I have a thing about elephants. Elephants never forget.

Every day in my work at Zero-credit, I never forget my childhood. It looms as an atavistic call to stand by what generations of my family have strived for, social justice, human rights, empathy with one's fellow man. Life is so important that you just have to embrace, nurture and love it for every second of every day. It makes me cry until I am overwhelmed with joy at the sheer blinding and blissful simplicity of it all.

You cannot destroy me with all your regulations and reforms, your ducking and diving to avoid these, or your connivance to come out on top, for you are at one with me. There is nothing which places one human being above another in this world, nothing whatsoever.

Lift me out of poverty, destitution and debt, would you? Quit standing on my shoulders and I shall achieve the greatest heights. No. We shall achieve our greatest heights together. I am reminded of Will Smith at Live8 citing our "state of interdependence". So, before you frown, why not laugh with me?  Life is way too important to be taken seriously.


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