About our co-operative

Zero-credit started life as a book. At the end of 2008, Emma Bryn-Jones started a six month fight with a website in a box, turned the book into a blog and began to tweet. Since forming Zero-credit as a co-operative owned by people with personal experience of borrowing in August 2010, we have become a leading voice in consumer credit, funded by our not-for-profit trade in research and development.

Zero-credit and Zerocredit_UK

"I've been double barreled all my life." says Zero-credit founder, Emma Bryn-Jones. "When I created Zero-credit, I knew little more than how to conduct an advanced search and send email.  I soon learned that social networks don't like hyphens much and quite a few don't like underscores either!".  So, officially, we're Zero-credit, and you can find us blogging, vlogging, booing, tweeting and so forth as Zerocredit_UK or ZerocreditUK.

DebtSector and duecredit

In 2013, we have drawn on our extensive experience of tracking unlicensed and unethical trade to develop greater financial resilience through active participation. Sponsored by the Debt Resolution Forum, DebtSector is a respectful community, where debt professionals can research and develop robust datasets, sharing their outcomes and opinions in public. Powered by systems developed exclusively for us by Gide, duecredit harnesses technological, professional and local knowledge to showcase suppliers with due credit from the communities they serve.

Zero-credit Membership

Anyone with personal experience of borrowing - good or bad - can own a share in our co-operative and help us to build our research and development business. Connected by digital media, our members volunteer and work for Zero-credit, represent us at events, and help to manage our co-operative through a committee that’s elected every December at our Annual General Meeting. To apply for Membership, you can email our Coop Secretary.

Guest posts and contributions

Zero-credit is the co-operative voice of credit. We aim to be honest and fair in everything we do. To guarantee our objectivity, we do not provide or broker credit, claims or debt related services, and will not respond to any requests to place advertising, sponsorship, back links or uninvited content on any of our platforms. We are entering our fifth year without income from lead generation or referral fees and are very proud of our independence.

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